Finance Professionals, Major Hope

As a career counselor, career guidance professional, staffing executive, HR professional who has hired or placed 1,275+ individuals, I continue to read about geographical areas where unemployment is very low and jobs are abundant. Some areas Washington, DC; San Jose, CA; New York City, NY; Boston, Hartford…. are among the best cities in the U.S. to find a job. But if you don’t live in the “hot job market” how do you find a new opportunity? There are a few possible answers: Look for contract positions or consider moving. For Finance professionals, the job market all over has been steadfast and good for years. But you first need to stay focused, and here are some helpful hints to improve a financial person’s probability for obtaining a job:
Solid and current knowledge of GAAP and GAAS.
Leadership roles in financial statement audit, review and compliance engagements, and government audits (GASB).
Be on the leading edge of instituting internal control policies / procedures for clients and document your contributions.
Present audit results for managers, owners, directors and audit committees and again document your contributions.
Several other areas to give you a better chance at finding a new job in the financial area are continued and factual training in tax and assurance updates, industry specific updates and case-ware training.”Audit and/or “procedure review” seem to also give some added strengths to the financial job seeker. Another key factor is continuing education. If the market is tight in your area, take steps to start and complete an MBA from a recognized and accredited university. Once you have a strong MBA, the degree will be used as a “leverage factor” the rest of a career. If you need help in determining a path-to-success, seek a professional assistance for a reality check and get immediate career advice.Call (248) 630 – 5555 or visit for further information.

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